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Face to face activity will be reduced in Lockdown #2 but many online projects and physical resources and publications

We have had a frantic six months of activity during Lockdown. We published our Impact Report on 23rd September. We delivered an Art for Wellbeing project with Blue Pits Housing in our new marquee in late summer. We released a series of publications in September as part of our Overspill project plus 2 billboards going up on 21st September and an online film premiere on 30th September - The film has had over 300 views. We are scrambling to complete Nature in Danger, a project delivered over half term with refugee and asylum seeker young people in partnership with @SkylightCircus and @VickyLomax1


We are currently updating the Arts Map as new activity plans are announced. Some information may be incomplete or outdated. Please check the datestamp below.

OL10 1DW, Heywood, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Correct as of 31/10/2020

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