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10 things the government still needs to do, to protect arts and culture in the UK.

We're building a network to protect and advance arts and culture in the UK.

In our lives. In our communities. Across the country.

If the arts matter to you too, join us.


Joining together

Tens of thousands of people have joined the Public Campaign for the Arts, from every one of the UK's 650 constituencies.

We came together to demand a rescue package for our cultural sector. And we can do more.

54 million people – over 80% of the population – engage with the arts in the UK every year. Imagine what we can achieve, if we all link up for the arts.

Telling our stories

We can't afford to lose arts and culture. It enriches our lives and communities.

Protecting the essential benefits


The arts improve our mental health and wellbeing.

They bring us joy, alleviating anxiety, depression and stress.

They spark our imaginations and boost our confidence.

They help us with major challenges such as growing up, ageing and loneliness, by making us feel more engaged and resilient.


The arts improve our social lives and community cohesion.

They bring us together, so we can share thoughts and feelings, make meaningful connections and imagine new possibilities.

They help us to understand and empathise with others, building bridges so we can live together better.

They give us a shared identity and sense of belonging.


The arts improve our economy, both locally and nationally.

The arts industries contribute £10.8billion a year to the UK.

They generate income for our local businesses and a wide range of other sectors: from hospitality to retail, transport to tourism.

They cultivate our creativity, which drives innovation and entrepreneurship.

Advancing the arts, for everyone


In the last decade, government investment in the arts has been cut by more than 40%.

We want to see increased investment for the arts in all of our communities.


Access to arts and culture is a human right, enshrined in the Universal Declaration. Its essential benefits must be available to all – from early years, in schooling and throughout adult life.

We want to maintain and extend arts provision, remove barriers to access, and expand opportunities for participation and creative learning.


There is extraordinary cultural diversity in the communities, regions and nations of the UK.

We want a diverse arts and cultural landscape everywhere, involving a wide range of people and artforms.

Do the arts matter to you?

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