We declare a climate emergency

We’re adding our voices to the campaign for urgent action on the climate emergency – in recognition that it is one of the biggest and most pressing challenges facing humanity today, and as an extension of our campaign for the arts.

The arts and the environment are completely intertwined. A healthy cultural ecology, like a healthy natural ecology, enriches our quality of life and supports everybody’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Artists have drawn from the natural world for thousands of years – for their tools, inspiration and subject matter. Many artworks reside in places that are now threatened by the effects of climate breakdown. Ultimately, all human creativity and potential is threatened by these effects.

We want to see urgent action to protect our environment so that human civilisation can survive, and a rich artistic and cultural life is possible for future generations. We pledge to work collaboratively and proactively towards this goal, and to ensure that our own practices support and prioritise it.