Entries to GCSE arts exams hit new low

Arts Professional

30 Aug 2023

by Patrick Jowett

Analysis of arts subject entries has been completed by Campaign for the Arts. The alliance’s director, Jack Gamble, told Arts Professional there is a need for urgent action to address a decade of decline.

“The arts are being sidelined in England’s state schools, and the knock-on effects at both GCSE and A-level are already plain to see. The impacts on our culture and our creative industries may be more gradual, but they will be long-lasting,” Gamble said.

“It’s time to review the exclusion of arts subjects from the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and the widening inequality of arts opportunities between state and private schools.”

“Arts education matters, and the experiences and careers it opens up should be available to all children, whatever school they go to and whatever their background.”