Fears Tory plans to scrap university degrees will damage arts

Arts Professional

31 May 2024

by Neil Puffett

A statement issued by the Campaign for the Arts in the wake of the policy proposal called on all parties contesting the general election to defend arts courses.

“We’re concerned about the implications for arts education,” the statement posted on X read.

“A course’s value can’t just be measured by the paycheck you get at the end of it. Learning about the arts and developing creative skills enriches people and society. It can equip students to succeed in a wide range of fields – not least our creative industries.

“The UK excels in this area because we have nurtured the arts and creativity – in our schools, in our communities, in our national life – over generations. But recently, arts education has been shrinking at an alarming rate.

“Creative courses have been singled out for significant funding cuts. The government has said they are ‘not among its strategic priorities’. [Higher education] providers have cut places, courses or even whole departments.

“We are concerned that this policy would lead to unintended consequences – harming the creative industries and access to the arts. Arts courses open people’s minds and give them the skills they need to create. Too many have closed and are closing.

“We urge all parties to value and defend them.”