Humza Yousaf promises to boost Scottish Government arts spending by £100m within five years

The Scotsman

17 Oct 2023

by Brian Ferguson

Jack Gamble, director of the Campaign for the Arts, which launched a petition protesting against Creative Scotland’s 10 per cent funding cut, said: “Thousands joined our campaign to speak up for the arts in Scotland, and we’re delighted that the First Minister has listened. His commitment to ‘more than double’ cultural investment will benefit millions.

“Humza Yousaf is absolutely right to acknowledge that the arts bring joy and prosperity. After years of real-terms cuts and a further £6.6m cut this year, a change of direction is exactly what’s needed.

“However, to prevent closures and job losses, the Scottish Government needs to act fast. It’s crucial that the move to increase investment and rebuild trust begins with a meaningful uplift in December’s draft budget.”