Petition demands Government 'keep promise' to arts sector amid £6.6m cut

STV News

29 Sep 2023

by Tara Fitzpatrick

The UK-wide Campaign for the Arts organisation has now launched a petition calling for culture secretary Angus Robertson to rethink the decision which the group have dubbed a “‘u-turn on a u-turn” and an “extraordinary betrayal”.

In less than 24 hours the petition has gathered over 4,600 signatures with multiple arts organisations condemning the Scottish Government’s decision.

It reads: “This is absolutely no way to treat Scotland’s arts and culture, let alone in a perfect storm of economic pressures and post-pandemic challenges.

“This u-turn on a u-turn puts treasured venues and companies, thousands of jobs and access to Scottish culture at risk.”

As well as honouring the original promise to protect £6.6m uplift, campaigners are also calling for ministers to “scrap any proposal cut Creative Scotland funding from the 2023-24 Autumn Budget Revision” and “commit to maintaining and increasing investment in arts and culture from 2024-5, for the benefit of everybody in Scotland”.

Campaigners say Scotland “cannot afford to lose any more arts organisations – or the benefits they bring to our lives, communities and society” following recent closures of the Filmhouse cinemas in Edinburgh and Aberdeen and the Blue Arrow Jazz Club and the Nevis Ensemble in Glasgow.