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Artists and organisations are at risk from a 'perfect storm' of economic pressures.

  • Up to a third of Creative Scotland’s Regularly Funded Organisations are at serious risk of insolvency in the short term, and over half are financially weak (requiring redundancies or other cost savings).
  • 900 jobs and more than 12,000 freelance opportunities are at immediate risk.
  • Almost a decade of standstill investment in many parts of the Culture Portfolio has meant a deepening real-terms cut. Approximately 31% of the value of the Government’s investment in arts organisations has disappeared since 2015-16.

Without a meaningful budget increase now, access to the arts will be gravely harmed.

  • Creative Scotland’s current budget for Regularly Funded Organisations meets only a third of the demand. They must decide on a new three-year funding plan by February 2024 so it’s crucial to increase their budget now – waiting until next year will be too late.
  • Over half of charitable trusts delivering public leisure and culture services say they will be unsustainable within two years without intervention now.
  • 1 million Scots participate in local creative groups that need the infrastructure of support organisations.

Increased Scottish Government investment in the arts would deliver significant economic and social returns.

  • Creative Scotland’s 119 Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) directly employ 5,000 workers, support 25,500 individual artists and provide millions of opportunities for people across Scotland to engage with the arts and culture.

  • 84% of Scots agree that there should be public funding of arts and cultural activities in Scotland.

  • The culture budget is currently only 0.5% of Scottish Government spending.