Rishi Sunak – support the arts in every community

In the coming weeks, Rishi Sunak will set the Government’s spending plans for the year ahead.

As the UK recovers from Covid-19, arts organisations will have a key role to play in rebuilding and uniting our communities.

The Arts Map shows their vital place at the heart of villages, towns and cities across our country. They enliven our High Streets and enrich our local economies. They boost our wellbeing and local pride. They bring us together and activate our creativity.

The Government’s unprecedented, £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund was an important step towards ensuring their survival. But ongoing restrictions and the need for social distancing means they still face major challenges.

In the Comprehensive Spending Review, we urge the Government to shore up their investment in our globally-renowned creative industries, unleashing their potential to help our communities.

  • Protect funding for local authorities, so they can support arts venues and companies where we live;
  • Sustain funding for the Arts Councils, so they can cultivate creativity in all four nations of the UK;
  • Invest in new arts projects and initiatives, so our world-class arts workforce can help to rebuild our communities.

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