Angus Robertson makes ‘gold-plated’ commitment to restore £6.6m of arts funding next year

The Campaign for the Arts has welcomed the Culture Secretary's commitment, but warned that cuts this year will be 'hugely detrimental'.

The Scottish Culture Secretary has made a “gold-plated” commitment not to repeat a £6.6m cut to Creative Scotland’s budget next year.

It comes after a shock reversal of the Scottish Government’s pledge to deliver the funding this year, and following a petition by the Campaign for the Arts which has so far gained over 14,000 signatures.

Angus Robertson told MSPs on the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee that:

“It is absolutely my pledge that they [Creative Scotland] will see their £6.6 million that they are now releasing from their reserves will be restored to them, and I understand why that’s important”

Jack Gamble, director of the Campaign for the Arts, said:

“We welcome the Scottish Culture Secretary’s new, ‘gold-plated’ commitment to reverse £6.6m of arts cuts next year, but imposing them this year will be hugely detrimental.

Creative Scotland’s reserves were meant to throw a lifeline to those unsuccessful in their next funding round. This broken promise from the Scottish Government means 40% of those reserves are now gone – and that will have consequences.

The £6.6m that Creative Scotland has been forced to spend this year will not be reimbursed by the ‘gold plated’ commitment for next year.

Ultimately, artists, organisations, the economy and the people of Scotland will all be worse off from this decision.”

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