CFTA Director at the Barbican: “our network is a source of hope”

The Campaign for the Arts’ Director Jack Gamble joined a panel discussion on NETWORKS at the Barbican Centre on 21 September.

Chaired by Barbican Artistic Director Will Gompertz and supported by the Genesis Foundation, the conversation explored the power of creative networks to connect and empower people.

Also on the panel were Sue Emmas, Associate Artistic Director and Creators Programme lead at the Young Vic Theatre; Pip Jamieson, Founder & CEO of The Dots; Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, CEO of UK Music; Shanice Mears, Co-founder and Head of Talent at The Elephant Room; and Audrey Solvar, Founder of Black Creators Matter.

Commenting on the background to the Campaign for the Arts, Jack said:

“Local funding of the arts has essentially halved in the past decade. Access to the arts in schools is in real crisis. In 2009, most primary school students in England participated in music activities; by 2020 that figure was 35%, around a third. And we know that in private schools these opportunities are not just being provided, they’re being prized. So there’s a great amount of inequality – we’re going in the wrong direction – but the hope is: there is no shortage of people who really care about that, and who don’t want it to be like that, and who want to bring themselves to a campaign to change that.”

The full conversation is able to view on the Genesis Foundation’s YouTube channel.

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