National Campaign for the Arts issues sector-specific EU report

National Campaign for the Arts has launched a guidance document about the sector and its relationship to the European Union.

Chair Samuel West said he hoped it would “stimulate debate and encourage deeper thinking”.

It comes as Arts Council England has also published guidance outlining how funding for the arts can be connected to the European Union.

NCA’s document covers areas including funding, artistic exchange and export, and talent development. Because of its charitable status, it cannot express a view on whether the UK remains in the EU or leaves.

But West said: “We do think there are questions that need to be considered carefully by those who care about the arts. For example, if the UK were to leave the EU, how could our arts organisations continue to attract and retain world-class talent? How might our own artists benefit from opportunities to work in the rest of the European Union? The result of the EU referendum could mean big changes for arts and audiences in the UK. We hope our briefing note will stimulate debate and encourage deeper thinking.”

Meanwhile, ACE’s document provides facts on the funding situation for the arts in relation to the EU.

It states that 230 UK cultural, creative and audiovisual organisations and films received grants of €40 million from Creative Europe in 2014/15. It adds that European Regional Development Funds have contributed to a number of projects in recent years.

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