Key statistics from the RBWM Public Consultation, 2022-23

When councillors in Windsor and Maidenhead proposed a 100% cut to arts funding, we invited hundreds of our supporters to contribute to the official consultation. The results clearly showed the value of the arts to local people.
 Tom Bastin 

1,803 completed consultations – almost three times as many as last year when 650 responded.

97% of responses were by local residents, 1% by local businesses, 2% by community/voluntary groups.

‘Arts & culture (incl. Norden Farm & Old Court)’ was the top investment priority, supported by 1,004 people. The second was ‘Children’s services’, supported by 408 people.

When asked ‘If we had more funding, which services do you think we should prioritise for investment?’, 58% of people – a clear majority – said ‘placemaking’.

When people were asked to give 3 priorities for general investment, 68% were about placemaking.

Within placemaking, ‘Arts & culture (incl. Norden Farm & Old Court)’ was by far the leading priority.

‘Invest in arts & culture (incl. Norden Farm & Old Court)’ was the most-mentioned thing in comments and suggestions, cited by 555 people. The second most-cited was ‘Improve environmental protection (inc. not developing Golf Course)’, by 95 people.

A majority of people, 52%, disagreed that the council was good value for money. Only 18% agreed.

When asked what changes the Council would need to make to improve value for money, 60% said investment in placemaking and 375+ people said investment in arts and culture (inc. Norden Farm and The Old Court) specifically.

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2 responses to “Key statistics from the RBWM Public Consultation, 2022-23”

  1. Mercer David says:

    The arts in this area are vital for people of all ages.
    We personally have used it For Study days, WEA courses, Arts Society courses and the cinema. Vital for peoples sanity.

  2. Sarah Bowden says:

    Just a point of fact. The second investment priority is actually the actions set out within the Environment and Climate strategy (Environmental protection – 351, Green transport – 160 and the development of green belt – 21 and flood defence – 5 all sit under this) with 537 people citing this. Seems very odd that they decided to split these given it is the Council’s own strategy.

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