Samuel West presents Hearts for the Arts award in Liverpool

Councillor Wendy Simon of Liverpool City Council was yesterday presented with the Hearts For The Arts award for Best Local Authority Arts Champion – Councillor, by Samuel West Chair of the National Campaign for the Arts, at Liverpool’s beautiful Town Hall.

Councillor Simon has over 35 years’ experience in local government and is Assistant Mayor of Liverpool City Council as well as Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Events. Councillor Simon leads on the delivery of ambitious, ground breaking projects which put Liverpool at centre stage. Wendy also plays an active role as a Board member of Liverpool’s major cultural venues, attending meetings, events and activities throughout the year. She is readily accessible and willing to give advice and support whenever she can and is a true friend of all of the cultural attractions she is responsible for.

The Hearts For The Arts Awards are given to thank and celebrate the work of Councils, Councillors and Council Officers who have overcome financial challenges to ensure the arts stay at the centre of community life.

Samuel West said:

“Every Council needs someone like Wendy Simon. A tireless advocate for culture, Wendy has worked across an incredible range of projects and events. Liverpool has a well-earned reputation as one of the country’s leading cities for culture and Wendy has been key to its success.”

Assistant Mayor, Cllr Wendy Simon, said:

“I am really proud to receive this honour, and I want to dedicate it to everyone involved in arts and culture in Liverpool. We have so many talented organisations and individuals who work with the council to stage a diverse range of amazing events. It is a huge privilege and pleasure to be the political lead for arts and culture in Liverpool and to act as the conduit for the energy, creativity, determination and passion of the sector.”

We are thrilled to announce that nominations for the Hearts For The Arts awards 2018 open on 27 September.

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