Samuel West statement on Brexit

Samuel West, Chair of National Campaign for the Arts, said:

‘The vast majority of those working in the cultural sector backed a vote to Remain. We are now very concerned about our ability to access important European funding, such as the €1.3bn Creative Europe programme. But the implications for the arts don’t end with money. There are a host of other issues that we must address over the coming months: international artistic exchange, export of cultural products, copyright, visas and access to training in European centres of excellence, to name just some.

‘This is already a tense time for the arts in Britain, with many organisations across the country anticipating significant cuts from their Local Authorities this autumn. We call on the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to do everything in his power to ensure that there is no further damage to the sector as a result of yesterday’s vote.

‘This has been a hard-fought and difficult campaign. Now more than ever the arts need resources and support to allow us to play a role in bringing communities back together and to continue to fly the flag for British culture.’

Read the other reactions from the sector on the international arts manager site.

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