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Local investment in culture has plummeted over the last decade

National investment through the Arts Councils has declined in England and Wales, and plummeted in Northern Ireland

The Arts Councils invest public money in the arts for public benefit.

Compared with the start of the decade, Government funding of the Arts Councils in 2020 was 16% lower in England, 21% lower in Wales and 63% lower in Northern Ireland. In Scotland it was 4% higher, but this followed 9 years of lower investment than in 2009/10.

Between 2007 and 2015, 35% of the grassroots music venues in the UK closed down1

Many of the venues that are still open face a “perfect storm” of challenges including rising rents and business rates, pressures from property development, and stagnating incomes, all of which threaten their long-term viability.

– DCMS Select Committee, Live Music report, 2019

Despite the vital Culture Recovery Fund, the Covid-19 pandemic has had deep and lasting impacts on the creative industries

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