Hearts for the Arts Awards

Cllr Ffion Meleri Gwyn

Cyngor Tref Criccieth Town Council


Best Arts Champion - Councillor 2022

Cllr Ffion Meleri Gwyn

What our judges said:

"Cllr Gwyn is an artist who has taken the plunge into politics and the results are clear to see - she leads by example and is not afraid to bring her artistry to the fore which is inspiring to see! She understands how arts and creativity connect people. I particularly love the way she infuses nature into her delivery. She understands that tackling isolation, especially during the pandemic, is vital."
"There is a real connection here to the local area and its specific character and needs. The response to Ty’n Rhos, as a housing estate that is geographically and socially isolated from the rest of the community, by bringing local residents together to make the ‘rainbow bridge’ a place of art and connection, is an inspiration. The emphasis on nature and bio-diversity in local art projects, the focus on intergenerational projects and cultural activities rooted in the history of the area, and the alliances forged with local artists is impressive."
"Cllr Gwyn is clearly someone for whom her community matters greatly and is committed to making hers the best it can be. She understands that seemingly simple actions are actually hugely significant: the friendship benches, for example: and the bringing together of people in a community who so often have felt isolated."
"Cllr Gwyn is evidently a force of nature! It’s moving to read about how she always leads by example and uses her own artistic talent to transform the town, whether through painting information boards or creating cultural maps. I found it particularly poignant reading about her work to combat loneliness and isolation through friendship benches, and I think creating a rainbow bridge to give the people of Ty’n Rhos a real sense of belonging was inspired.  Reading this nomination, it seems that people of all ages have been inspired by the example that Cllr Gwyn has set."
"Cllr Gwyn is clearly passionate and committed and a much-loved member of the community and for good reason. She has used her own passion and talent for the benefit of her community, and you get a real sense of her direct involvement of all the projects highlighted."
"Cllr Gwyn is clearly someone who makes everything beautiful. I love the sense of transforming through art, and clearly Cllr Gwyn has transformed everything through Rainbow Bridge and made impact in numerous other places besides."
"At a time of real anxiety, when separation added to people's loneliness and alienation, Cllr Gwyn rolled up her sleeves and made art that brought people together and made them proud of their community. She's made a difference. Her ideas are simple, affordable and practical; exactly what's needed when there isn't a lot of money or confidence about. Her nomination shows us that the greatest artistic joy often comes from doing and making things ourselves. More councillors should be like this!"
"Councillor Ffion Meleri Gwyn’s passion for arts and culture shines through. She clearly devotes time and energy to arts and culture, demonstrating leadership and an understanding of the power and impact of arts and culture for communities"
"Councillor Ffion Meleri Gwyn embodies the strong community spirit which clearly exists in the Cyngor Tref Criccieth council area. It is very easy for elected representatives to make speeches and lofty commitments to improving an area; it is much more difficult for them to actually make a difference, and be involved with it personally as Cllr Gwyn has. It is clear from her nominations that she has been extremely active in supporting the area and her constituents to use culture and the arts to bring people together."

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