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Westminster Reveals

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Best Arts Project 2022

Westminster Reveals

What our judges said:

"The scale of this project is huge as is the ambition. The response to Covid is really impressive in particular. Partnership appears to be at the centre of the success of this project. Well done!"
"What is impressive about Westminster Reveals is the wide range of inspirational art projects that were engaged with - performance, exhibition and interactive engagement involving sketching for the public, a light show, dance shows and workshops, skateboarding, theatre and more. The project ensured the involvement of diverse communities through a Caribbean project, the facilitating of a charity that supports disabilities and autism, the welcoming of schoolchildren. There was also a fantastic use of outdoor space and the high street; using abandoned units to help artists, bring footfall back and provide partnerships between business interests and cultural regeneration. This shows sensitivity in the response to issues presented by COVID19, and it is a very imaginative initiative."
"A gargantuan task well-executed at a time when the heart of London seemed to have been ripped out. I was particularly impressed by the use of space to create pop-ups to keep businesses hopeful and hopefully afloat. The engagement with social media was also impressive."
"So many cultural organisations struggled with getting people back through the doors after the first lockdown, and so it’s fantastic to see ‘Westminster Reveals’ utilising otherwise empty spaces to draw people back in. It’s amazing to read that 41% of those who saw the free ‘West End Live’ in Trafalgar square then purchased tickets, providing a huge boost for theatres. Great, too, to see them using these spaces as opportunities to gently educate people on issues of diversity, whether through the Windrush living room installation or the exhibition celebrating pioneering women. This campaign capitalised on the already large numbers of people coming through these spaces and allowed them to encounter art in a way that encouraged them to take their relationship with art even further."
"A huge and ambitious project which really embraced a wide community both culturally and commercially. Innovation shines through, particularly leveraging existing partnerships in a new and different way. I also sense real ‘Legacy’, the success of many of the initiatives within this project will inspire and inform what can be achieved in the future. In different and challenging times, this project rose up to make a real difference."
"It does feel like Westminster Reveals has been about joy. What a glorious thing."
"Westminster is lucky to have such cultural riches, but looking after them still requires effort and energy. When the prospects for the sector went off a cliff at the start of the pandemic (I had a show going into the West End, which was cancelled), the future looked dim. Westminster Reveals not only spread joy, but was an accessible way of getting people, many of whom had never set foot in a theatre or art gallery, into town again."
"A broad collaboration of artists, public institutions and commercial partners yielded a creative and celebratory campaign of activities, and which put the cultural sector at the heart of attracting footfall back into Westminster"
"Westminster is fortunate in having a world-class cluster of high-quality cultural institutions within its borders, but the range and reach of the Westminster Reveals project shows the way in which cultural organisations can adapt to engage new audiences and transform public spaces in an inclusive way through the leadership of the council."

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