Hearts for the Arts Awards

Cllr Luthfur Rahman

Manchester City Council


Best Arts Champion - Councillor 2020

Cllr Luthfur Rahman

What our judges said:

"Luthfur Rahman is to be treasured."
"Luthfur Rahman believes in the glory of Manchester in all its multicultural differences under one sky. He has promoted the beauty of its myriad of languages in the great poem he commissioned. A worthy champion of the arts."
"As someone who has experience MCC’s commitment to the arts up close, I am no stranger to Cllr Rahman’s complete and joyful passion for Manchester, its artists and its cultural capital. That he has been nominated twice comes as no surprise to me.  A true champion of the arts and, crucially, a huge believer in celebrating the diversity of the city he loves."
"Cllr Rahman is an impressive advocate for the arts and for the communities of Manchester.  He has kept a clear focus on the local people, importantly highlighting the needs and interests of the previously disengaged.  He has kept a grassroots focus while operating at the highest levels of cultural development."
"Manchester has a national and now a growing international reputation as a cultural powerhouse. It’s clear that Councillor Rahman is an enthusiastic and energetic driver of that reputation. Although his background is not in the arts, he champions the cause beautifully, making connections and bringing joy with festivals, awards and new partnerships.  Look after him – he’s a diamond!"
"Luthfur Rahman has conceived and organised major new initiatives in Manchester for the recognition and enjoyment of the arts, which are set to flourish for years, if not decades. Above all, he is dedicated to the promotion of careers in the arts, which are too often overlooked."
"Councillor Rahman’s focus on inclusivity and access for all parts of Manchester’s diverse community has challenged arts and cultural organisations to work differently and reach new levels of engagement. He has also championed the cultural contribution of the City on the international stage."
"Wow - the scope, the depth, the impact of Cllr Rahman's work is breath-taking. It is all the more wonderful when someone without a background in arts practise is so convinced by the power of culture. Thank you, Cllr Rahman, for ensuring Manchester remains a shining example of vibrant and inclusive culture."

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