Hearts for the Arts Awards

Plymouth Music Zone

Plymouth City Council


Best Arts Initiative 2020

Plymouth Music Zone

What our judges said:

"Inspiring use of music to address a wide range of issues."
"I greatly admire the ambition and broad reach of Plymouth Music Zone and the way the initiative seeks to connect people and ideas."
"PMZ has a very focused determination to help disadvantaged children, young people and vulnerable adults in the community of Plymouth through music."
"What a wonderful enterprise. The impact on Plymouth Music Zone’s users is plain to see from the figures and the testimonials, and the Beyond Words evaluation truly groundbreaking and innovative. Long may this fantastic organisation grow and thrive."
"The Plymouth Music Zone has an incredibly impressive reach,  and a focus on so many of the vulnerable groups and individuals in our communities.  It’s clear that working with you has allowed so many people, of all ages, to find another route to deal with their personal challenges.  I just felt so inspired after reading about the work that you do."
"Plymouth Music Zone are a worthy winner. A hugely impressive project, which answers a local and a human need – to emerge into and engage with the world - through the universal power of music. Impressive evaluation and a long and wide group of partners make it strong."
"I particularly loved the 'Beyond Words' initiative from this wonderful charity, designed for those who find communicating difficult, and helping them embrace the vital non-verbal language we use, including silence."
"A powerful example of arts, social care, health and enterprise working together to make a meaningful difference to lives."
"Plymouth Music Zone has clearly developed a cohesive community project which has had a visible, long-term impact for people in the Plymouth area. The partnerships they have forged are particularly impressive."

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