Hearts for the Arts Awards

Pauline Smeaton

Fife Cultural Trust


Best Arts Champion - Local Authority or Cultural Trust Worker 2020

Pauline Smeaton

What our judges said:

"Pauline’s commitment to supporting the arts is evident and she is clearly an asset to the community."
"Pauline Smeaton is good news!"
"Pauline is a powerful promoter of literacy and book culture among the young, promoting libraries as well as giving young parents an inspiring place to take their children to encourage their learning and love of words."
"At a time when so many libraries are closing, it is fantastic to read about Pauline’s above and beyond passion for and commitment to literacy in young people, and more than that:  a love of books and of reading."
"Pauline clearly loves her work and is a passionate advocate for literacy and reading for pleasure, especially among children and young people.  She’s got strong roots within her communities and should be proud of the significant role she’s played in the childhood of so many children over the years."
"When I despair to live in a country where central government cuts have forced local authorities to close nearly 800 libraries in the last ten years, it's particularly good to find a Trust with the vision and faith to employ someone like Pauline Smeaton. As a parent of two under-fives, I see how much my daughters’ lives are broadened and improved by love of books. Pauline carries that faith into the community, and spreads the joy of reading to the widest possible audience. More power to her."
"It would be hard to find someone more passionate about libraries and literacy, and more enthusiastic about spreading that passion, than Pauline. More than anything, she has managed to create a presence for books and reading in an area where library closures have hit hardest."
"Pauline is my personal winner out of this long-list. The main reasons being: her work in libraries is so significantly needed, and has been for the past decade really, and she has been succeeding in keeping libraries and literature in people’s lives, which is no mean feat"
"Libraries have suffered in a more extreme way than the arts as a whole and, whilst further suffering for other art forms might sadly be just around the corner, Pauline Smeaton’s work deserves exposure. Her activity is also very focussed on schools and on children. Arts in education may continue to suffer over the coming years, but the way in which Pauline ensures access to books will be a sure-fire way of ensuring the education, literacy, freedom and independence of young people in her local area."

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