Hearts for the Arts Awards


Middlesbrough Council


Best Local Authority Arts Project Encouraging Community Cohesion 2019


What our judges said:

"A huge amount of planning and careful constructing went into this project. I particularly appreciated the groundwork done in winning the support and trust of different groups and men as well as women. The final performance looked incredible and the joy it inspired was palpable."
"Fabulous idea.  A great project taking a number of elements of Middlesbrough's heritage and teaming it up with an original artistic piece to encompass so many people who have never experienced the performing arts before! It seems to have been a great place for education, collaboration, diversity and pride in the community. When I visit Middlesbrough in the future I will always remember ‘Erimus’ - ‘We Shall Be’. Well done."
"This sounds amazing. I wanted to be there. It’s a poster child for all we in the arts believe in."
"A high quality arts activity which has effectively brought together new and established communities and arts organisations to create a new performance and celebrate the importance of local heritage. Inspiring piece of film, too."
"This is how to open a building! Well-organised, joyous occasions like this, which bring the community together and turn them into an ensemble so much greater than the sum of its parts, can change lives. The town hall belongs to the people; now the town hall IS the people. The very definition of community cohesion!"
"A stunning way in which to bind a community together - bringing together all sorts of people who would not otherwise have met in a huge celebration of creativity which is having a continuing impact on Middlesbrough."
"A high quality socially engaged performance piece to celebrate Middlesbrough, evidencing ambition and a can-do spirit and involving a diverse range of the local community, supporting community cohesion."

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