Hearts for the Arts Awards

Kirstie Wilson

Kirkless Council


Best Local Authority Arts Champion - Officer 2019

Kirstie Wilson

What our judges said:

"Brilliant, fresh, focussed ideas that bring tangible benefit to such a huge range of people - from children, people with disabilities and those unable to go to traditional live events. Really inspiring."
"Kirstie is someone with great ideas about how to keep our Libraries actively engaged with the community and thriving. ‘Storywalks’ and ‘Being All I Can Be’ are lovely, inclusive initiatives - simple and inviting. She clearly has a place in her heart for nurturing both the young and the old and finding creative ways to help them access the Arts."
"Kirstie is to be congratulated on her personal drive to deliver high quality arts experiences within the library environment. This is generating clear benefits for local children, their families and helping to develop the capacity of artists and the creative sector, through a highly effective networks of partners."
"An astounding amount of work and achievement for one person. Kirstie Wilson brings ideas and energy to such a wide range of projects. Any council would be proud to have a dynamo like Kirstie working for them."
"A key element of Kirstie's excellent work is the confident and informed commissioning of local artists to deliver work for the community. It brings cultural offering to the community whilst offering mentoring and professional development to grass roots and fledgling creative talent. More of this sort of thing!"
"Kirstie has been phenomenally successful in highlighting the importance of reading and literacy for all ages, from early years to the elderly alongside a range of special needs groups.Her work has been showcased at international conferences, and brought together people far closer to home by working in partnership with artists, educationalists, funders, and community representatives."
"It is great to see such a clear example of how libraries can deliver a key culture offer when there is an officer with vision involved."

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